Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As I Am CoWash Review

Hey Curldivas!

My mentee and sister talked me into trying this co-wash. Everyone I know seems to rave about this particular brand, even the lady at the beauty store oohed and ahhed over it. I had tried and was okay with using Eden Bodyworks co-wash between workouts and swimming; it doesn't have a lot of slip but it did manage to aid in helping get out chlorine and sweat. I had heard that As I Am has amazing slip. When I saw it on sale at Sally Beauty Supply, I decided to try it.

Initially, I like the fact that is was super moisturizing and had good slip. My hair was springy, but did NOT feel clean at all. My hair felt coated. Three days later, I noticed sores on my scalp and a terrible itch. My hair was frizzy too. I did a conditioner rinse a few days later to relieve my scalp. A week later my hair shed a little more than usual and I found more sores. The following weekend I cleansed my hair with Kinky-Curly and used a V05 conditioner. After rinsing the V05 out I added a little bit of aloe vera gel to my Ecostyler pudding and finished my hair with my oil blend and then the pudding. Those sores were gone within 48 hours.

Here is my take on it; I have very sensitive skin, so everything doesn't work for me. I have used the same soap for almost a decade because so many things break me out. This product has great benefits if you are not sensitive. It has great slip, smells amazing, and moisturizes; so it could be a great conditioner. It does not clean though, and for the cost I wouldn't incorporate into my routine if it did work for me. My curls were not nearly as defined as it is when I cleanse with a sulfate free shampoo. Yet, another reason why co-washing does not work for my lifestyle. On the bright side, sensitivity prevents me from being a product junkie ;).

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