Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maintaining Those Mini Twist (Maximizing your Style)

Putting mini twists in my hair is usually a four to five our commitment over the course of a weekend. So once I have them in I try to maximize the wear. How do I get five weeks from one protective style? I'll tell you.

• I twist tightly keeping my finger close to where I am actually twisting. This forms a strong twist that is able to hold itself together.

• I only use leave in conditioner, natural oil, and flaxseed gel to put the twists in.

• I stop twisting when I am tired and pick up when I have energy so my twist look consistent.

• I use only two products to maintain my hair (Shea butter at night) (diluted kinky curly spiral spritz in the morning).

• I moisturize (daily) by adding water to my hair prior to adding any product.

• I use the Shea butter to massage my scalp nightly.

• I sleep in a satin bonnet.

Week Five I wear a twist out. The day before I am going to wash my hair I prepare my hair using a deep treatment of coconut oil. I ware a plastic cap under my satin bonnet. The next day I shampoo and condition.

I have a new video on YouTube here demonstrating my  (mini twist) am/pm routine! Please subscribe rate and comment.