Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello fellow Curl Divas & Dudes,

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner (at least it is according to the calander). According to the forecast it'll be spring showers the next two weeks here :(

For the summer I am revisiting the Kinky Curly hair line. I haven't used them for five years because I didn't like the initial results but ladies and gents can I tell you that after following the directions this time around I am loving two things about this product; the first, third and fourth day curls! Yes, a little water and leave in conditioner and they curls are good as new! Second the fact that my hair doesn't shrink too much.

So, here's what I don't love. The product is only good for wash in goes when it is hot outside. If it is humid or cool it takes forever for your hair to dry; sometimes all day. The other thing I'm less than thrilled with is the thickness of the Spiral spritz. It's more like a gel. I would like my gel in a bottle please. Other than that I can say my hair does love this product. It was initially a bit crisp the first day but I put a little almond oil in it and it was fine.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kinky-Kurly Crunchy???

After not using Kinky curly for over five years, I decided to try the product line again. This time I went into the process an educated curldive. I first went to Kinky-Kurly's webpage and watched the application tutorial. WoW Knowledge! I did as the video suggested using all of the product line (it costs me a whopping 60.00+ at Wholefoods Market). It is less as Target BUT there always sold out and where I live even though we have several targets there is only one store that carries this product. I am off topic. LOL Okay, so I washed my hair with the KK shampoo and then conditioned with the KK Knot Today. Using a Goody two sided brush I detangled. Since my hair is 3B/C combo I rinsed most of the conditioner out before applying the Curling Custard. I have Medium length hair (shoulder length when straightened) so this process took about an half an hour. I applied the product using the shingling technique because I didn't really care for the tackyness of the product (it dries fine it's just a bit to slimy for me when wet). Since it was 80 outside I let my hair air dry. At the end of the day my hair was a little bit hard like I had used a light gel. Not sure what happened but I am guessing to much custard not enough conditioner. I was able to spray with a light oil sheen and the crisp to my hair was gone. Overall, I am very satisfied that I was able to get three days of wear so far by adding just a bit of water and small bit of spritz in the front. I will repeat this process next weekend and post a youtube video under CurlDiva! This time I will make the adjustments as stated earlier. I think the thicker your hair is the better it is tp leave in the conditioner.

Caution! Unlike other products Kinky

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Grow Out Goal & Challenge

Hello Curly Divas and Dudes! :)
(I can’t leave the men out)

I am docujournaling (yes I made that word up) my progress to grow out my hair. I have been natural since the summer of 2003. I took the plunge and did the BC (big chop) then I went to the barbershop where the barber turned my BC into darn near scalped. I successfully managed to grow may hair half way down my back within a three year period. What happened? I made the mistake of putting hair color in it. It dried my hair out and basically turned it into straw. I recently had a similiar expereince with a Carol Daughter's shampoo-but was able to recover. I digress :) In 2007 I once again did the big chop and wore it short for about a year before growing it out again. I have had two children since then and experienced the ups and downs of hair growth and minor shedding. I have been growing my hair out for almost two years now (no dye or chemicals) and I have managed to grow it healthily to my shoulders. I am going to see how long it will grow and document the journey of year three and beyond here. The challenge is to grow it in its natural, healthy, curly state without cutting (with the exception of maintenance trims) or chemicals of any kind.  I invite you to join me on my journey!

Thanks for reading!