Thursday, June 21, 2012

Natural Black Women are Free to Swim

Umm, take off that swim cap and don't just lay beside the water.....

Prepare your hair before swimming and fall inlove with being a curldiva all over again. Here's the steps:

1. Using a good spray bottle mist you hair wet.

2. Apply a silcone free/sulfate free conditioner to your entire head. Let it sit on your hair at least five minutes before jumping in.

(Girl Grab you a flattering swimsuit, some sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach towel)   

3. Swim

4. Rinse hair out with warm water.

5. Apply your favorite leave in conditioner (preferrable amped up) or add a tsp of your favorite oil

(if you use shea butter mixes you can apply that after conditioner dries to your ends)

6.Apply a styler such as ecostyler.

6. let air dry or diffuse.

That's all folks!