Monday, July 23, 2012

Insanity Challenge

Embarking into deeper waters as I uncover my true potential

Today I started a new challenge. This time it's not related to my hair. I am endeavoring to complete 60 days of Insanity with Shaun T! Yes, I am doing the challenge. I have my day one pic and I suffered through my fit test in 91 degree humidity but I did it dang it!

I have been using the excessive heat as a reason to NOT workout but honestly I felt a tad bit convicted when I say people in less better shape than I am outside jogging. Granted they appeared close to death and I had to offer a prayer up for them as I drove by in my ACd car but I got to thinking. If my body is the temple than why don't I really invest in it like  treasure? So, Friday I worked out, Saturday I worked out. Sunday I rested and today I took the fit test. I was drenched by the time I finished and ten minutes later I was still dripping sweat.

My reflection:
My numbers weren't the best they could have been because I was working against humidity and soreness from a previous workout. Nevertheless it is a starting point and from here everything has to improve. I do have some obstacles in my home, the ceiling fan and lack of space for an alternative room. Otherwise, no real excuse not to continue.

My advice to someone taking the challenge after reading this:
  1. Make sure you are plenty hydrated..
  2. Know  the caloric intake required for YOU by beachbody to do Insanity everyday.
  3. Increase your protein and carbs despite the diet your need fuel!
  4. Invest in the best cross trainer shoes you can afford. The one's I have are pictured to the right. They are snug for a secure fit and are breathable.
  5. Get an accountability buddy or join
  6. Join beachbody (free membership) and hook up with a coach. They have been where you are and can ask questions.
  7. Do take your before pic if you want that Insanity Shirt!
  8. Work at your own pace and keep in mind form over rep speed.

Fit Test 1
switch kicks

power jacks
power knees
power jumps
globe jumps
suicide jumps
push up jacks
low blank oblique

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